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Meadowmender provides land maintenance services in the state of Kerala. We offer a wide variety of services designed specifically to help you take care of your property.

General assessment

Our field exerpts will visit your property on a periodic basis and prepare a comprehensive report which will be emailed to you detailing health of your trees and the state of your property.

Develop your property

Increase the value of your property by planting cash crops such as teak, coconut and jackfruit trees. A great investment for the future.

Construct amenities

We can build and set up compound walls/fences, rain-water harvesting solutions and other auxilliary structures needed for your property.

Peace of mind

MeadowMender will keep an eye on your property and report back to you about any un-authorized activities or issues.


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About Us

We are a community of persons wholly based out of Kerala. We know the land and what it takes to take care of it.


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Care Packages

Our care packages will satisfy most of your needs and our On Demand Services provide limitless services for your land.

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